Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Green Printing on Your PC at Home

Printing Green

This Green Acts article lists 10 simple ways to save time, money and the planet by changing the way you use your pc printer at home. If you were to turn on all 10 suggestions, you could reduce your printing “waste” by up to 80%!

1. Always use the “print preview” function before you print. You’ll spot a lot of formatting errors and avoid wasted sheets.

2. Use draft mode (also called Econo-mode) whenever you can get by with less-than-perfect print quality – your cartridge will last up to twice as long

3. Print on both sides of the paper. A few printers do this automatically (it’s called Duplex Printing), or you can do it yourself manually by reloading used sheets upside down in the input tray (printer models vary, you may have to experiment).

4. If you have a choice of high- or normal-capacity cartridges for your printer, always use the higher capacity. You’ll save money (eventually) and use less plastic, etc. per print.

5. Use recycled paper. The most environmentally friendly paper is 100% post-consumer waste – and get unbleached if you can find it.

6. Recycle your waste paper, including what you shred.

7. Don’t buy cheap refilled cartridges. They are very unreliable and waste more material than they save, plus they can damage your printer.

8. Unplug the printer when you are not going to use it for an extended period of time. Even in the “off” position, most printers still draw some power.

9. Consider sharing a printer rather than buying one for each pc in the house. This can be done by setting up a home network, or by using a printer with wireless capability. Consider buying a multi-function printer rather than a separate copier or fax machine.

10. If you have a choice, print with inkjet vs. laser technology. Laser toner makes recycling the paper harder, and inkjet printers weigh less and consume less energy.

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